Don't just take it from us that your pet will be looking and feeling great after a visit to our salon. Here's what some of our visitors had to say about Dogs Buddy.

Henry is ten years old, and a much loved part of our family. He is part of a very busy home. We and mum and dad were delighted when Dogs Buddy was recommended by our friends. It is so convenient that Ann can come straight to the door and collect him. In fact, Henry is delighted to see her when she arrives. He just skips out the door to the van. We always get excited to see him with his new hair cut when he returns. He not only looks handsome but he smells gorgeous too!

Henry Lauren (aged 5), Jack (aged 3) & Henry Toner

In a world full of pretenders it is a pleasure to meet the real deal and Dogs Buddy is indeed the real thing - a highly professional service which is backed-up by the warm, friendly and obviously caring manner of all concerned. Our Black and Tan Cavalier King Charles, Bingo, needs regular grooming to keep his beautiful coat in prime condition and he just loves to get out of the car at Dogs Buddy for his regular sessions. When he is collected, he is always in top condition and is bouncing with contentment - which says it all for us. We can't recommend Dogs Buddy highly enough.

Bingo Michael, Carol and Caoimhe Campbell.

I have been going to Dogs Buddy now for a few years and I have found them to be just great. My dog is Rio, a very large and boisterous Labradoodle, and it never ceases to amaze me when I find him perfectly groomed and happy upon my return to pick him up after a couple of hours! How Helen manages to cut his hair to perfection I have no idea! I also think that the staff at Dogs Buddy are particularly nice and helpful - no matter how Rios coat looks when I bring him over to Dogs Buddy I would never hear a word of criticism, which I think is very important. Friends of mine have often told me that they practically fear going to their dog groomer because they can be so cross & critical. Well you will definitely not find that reception at Dogs Buddy! Excellent job all round!

Rio Briege and Rio Jackson

Zac is a white standard poodle...he is the 3rd child in our family! He has been going to Dogs Buddy Grooming since December 2006. I saw the advert in the vets and I'm so glad that I did. I have Zac groomed every 6 - 8 weeks and never once have I been disappointed when I go to collect him. He is always groomed to the highest standard! I also have to add that I find it great value for money. Zac is extremely petted on me and suffers from anxiety separation disorder, however, he goes to Dogs Buddy groomers very happily. I can leave knowing that he is going to be looked after. Helen's love for dogs is so evident...she is a real dog lover and that means alot when you're leaving your pet in someone else's care. Thank you Helen and Anne for your care, expertise and professionalism. I appreciate it so much.

Zac Doris and Zac Walker


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