Welcome to the gallery! Here you can view photos of our grooming work with a variety of breeds. Click on a picture to see the full photo. Be sure to check back often as the gallery is regularly updated.

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Breeze, Siberian Husky . Kloud & Breeze, Siberian Huskies . Bobby, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   Fonzie, Miniature Schnauzer . Pepper, Fox Terrier   Sasha, English Cocker Spaniel

Max, Wire Fox Terrier   Zara & Honey, Shih Tzu's   Baxter, English Cocker Spaniel   Rio, Labradoodle   Phoebe & Monty, Shih Tzu & Rough Collie . Archy, Wire Fox Terrier

Henry, Cocker Spaniel   Katie, English Cocker Spaniel   Gandalf, Lhasa Apso   Bonnie, Toy Poodle   Mumbles, Shih Tzu   Ollie, West Highland Terrier

Bella, Shih Tzu . Clyde, Labrador   Dalglish, Scottish Terrier   Beau, Lhasa Apso   Missy, Cairn Terrier . Suli, Westie

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